We are happy and excited to welcome you to integrate with the Xero accounting system. In this manual you will find the steps to link your Xero account to Basecone.

  1. Add Xero as the accounting system
  2. Import company from Xero
  3. Company Settings
  4. Create user(s)

Step 1: Add Xero as the accounting system

When you start using Basecone, an accounting system needs to be created and then you can link the connection to Xero. Before you create this connection, it is essential that you have a login account of Xero to make this connection. 

To add the accounting system in Basecone, go to Settings > Office > Accounting system and then click on the blue button to 'add accounting system'.

In the next screen, you can fill in the following information:

 1.1  Accounting system - select Xero.
 1.2 Description: fill in a unique name/code for this Xero connection.
      Tip: do not use space when you enter the unique name/code
      Only users who have access to this company will be able to see this unique name.       When you add the company to Basecone, it will be linked to this Xero connection.
 1.3 Basecone synchronisation user: select a Basecone sync user. This user will be
      used to synchronise data between Xero and Basecone.
      📌 this user needs to have permission rights in Xero to book, change bank
      details, etc.

When all information are filled in, press the Add button. Then you will be redirected to Xero login page to enter the user's login credentials. When entered, click 'Allow access' to link your account to Basecone. When the details are confirmed, you will be redirected to Basecone and you can see that Xero has the status as 'Login success'. 

Step 2: Import company from Xero

Your Xero account is now successfully linked to Basecone and you can import a company to Basecone that this synchronisation user has access to in Xero. Via the function Companies and then click on +Add companies.

  • Select the accounting system Xero that you created in step 1
  • Select the company to import it into Basecone

When you have selected the company, click on the blue button 'Add' to import the company to Basecone. Then you will see the company that you just created in the companies list. If you want to add another company, please repeat step 1.1.

📌 Each company you want to add/import to Basecone, a new accounting system needs to be created in the office settings. The reason for this is that each company in Xero has it's own unique ID and can be linked to only one connection in Basecone.

Step 3: Company Settings

For each company, a Super user or Accountant, can manage and/or change the company's settings at Settings - Companies - Action (edit). Click here for more information.

Step 4: Create user(s)

New users can easily be created in Basecone. You can add new user via the function Users and +Add user(s). Click here for more information on how to create new users. Each user created in Basecone to work in Xero, should have their own login details for that company and they will need to link this via their user settings under the accounting system (tab).
After they are created, you can manage each user settings by giving them user role(s) and to which companies they have access to. Click here for more information.

You are now ready to start booking in Basecone.

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