In the office settings, you can view and manage the following information:

  • Who is setup as the contact person of your Basecone environment
  • The accounting system connection and create new connections  if needed
  • Upload your company logo
  • View your contract details

📌Only users with the role Superuser is able to access the office settings.

General (tab)

When you click on Settings - Office, the General tab will automatically open. The name of your office will usually be filled in here and can be manually changed if needed. The Office Code entered when you signed up for the subscription will be shown here. This is the required code needed when a user logs into Basecone. If the office code is not to your liking, you can request this to be changed, click here for more information.
The email of the contract person mentioned here will receive a weekly overview all the documents processed in the past week in the beginning of the week.

Accounting system (tab)

When you go to the 2nd tab, you will find the Accounting system. Here you can control the status of your accounting system and manage each individually if applicable. It is also possible to create a new accounting system if needed.

For each accounting system. a Synchronisation User is setup to to retrieve the master data of all companies data such as debtors, creditors, ledgers, vat codes, etc. Basecone uses these data to improve recognition, to make the link with the right debtor or creditor from your account to increase the speed of booking.
To view who the Basecone synchronisation user is click on Action and on edit.

The Basecone synchronisation user is a user in Basecone, who is linked to an accounting system user. When you click on the username that is marked in blue, you will then see the connected accounting system user.
Basecone recommends the following settings for the synchronisation user:

  • This user can have the role Accountant or Super User assigned as long as there is an accounting system user connected.
  • the Synchronisation User is linked must have the following permission:
    1) access to all the companies in the accounting system
    2) the master data is retrieved from linked companies in the accounting system
  • The Twinfield user should have the user role Level 1

For more information about this, see article: Basecone Synchronisation User

Logo (tab)

In the third tab, you can upload your own company logo. The uploaded logo will replace the Basecone logo on the top left of your screen. When users click on the logo, this will redirect you back to the home screen. The logo is best viewed if your image has a height of 40 pixels.

Contract (tab)

In the last tab, you can see the contact type and information of the office. Control if these information are entered correctly. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Terms & Conditions and Service Level Agreement. 

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