When a user is not active anymore in Basecone, there is no need to keep this user anymore in Basecone. In this article, I will guide you through the steps on how to permanently delete a user in Basecone. 

📌 Only a Superuser in Basecone has the permission access to delete a user. 

A Superuser can be deleted when you go to Settings - User and click on the trash-bin underneath the column action. Click here to view the image. If you do not see this option, you do not have the permission rights to delete user(s) in Basecone.

Delete a user with the role: authoriser

If you are unable to delete a user with the role authoriser, this means that there are documents assigned to this user for authorisation. In this case, I would advise to assign the document to another authoriser. Please use this link on how you can do this: Keeping track of the authorisation process. After all documents are assigned to another authoriser, then you can repeat the steps to delete the user.

If you are unable to delete the user this way, then you can remove the role 'authoriser' from the user settings and then contact the Superuser later to delete the user for you.

Do I have any hidden user(s)?

When a user do not have permission rights to delete a user, users try to "delete" a user by removing the companies access of the user. The result of this is that the user is not deleted and will become invisible in the user's list. If the user is not visible in the user's list, this does not mean that the user is deleted.
If you are unsure if the user is deleted from your Basecone office, you can control this using this article: Do I have any hidden user(s) in Basecone? If the user is still hidden, I would advise you to make the user visible again and then contact the Superuser to delete the user.

Deactivate a user

It is also possible to only deactivate a user so that he/she is not able to login to Basecone. This can be done in the user settings under the tab settings and at the bottom of the page you have the option 'User active' and you can enter an end date for the user so that the user cannot login to Basecone anymore. You can also remove the end date if the user needs to login again. Here you can also control when this user was created.

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