It can happen that the location where you normally authorise your invoice(s) is changed due to a change in the authorisation process from before to after booking or vice versa. On the online application, you can access your documents using one of the below mentioned locations:

Depending on the company's authorisation workflow settings, the invoice(s) can be found in one of the above mentioned location. You can see an overview all the documents assigned to you when you go to the workloadmatrix. 

In this screen, you can click on the number below the column "To be authorised before booking" or "To be authorised after booking". You will then be redirected to the documents that are waiting to be authorised. If the number is 0, there are no invoice to be authorised.

This can also mean that you are not turn to authorise the invoice. This process will go in turn. When the invoice is approved, it will then be send to the next authoriser.

If the authorisation workflow settings is set up for both before and after booking, you will see this invoice to be authorised two times. Please discuss this with your accountant to control the workflow settings of the company.

Basecone Flux

If you are not able to login to the online application, you can download our mobile application: Flux app to authorise your invoices on-the-go. This is free to download and use for our "authoriser" users. You can see both of the authorisation process in the mobile app.

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