Before you can submit expenses using Spenser, it is very important for expense users to fill in as much details as possible about the user in the Spenser app settings. This will help the accountant to understand if the expense was paid with your personal card or credit card. Without these details, this can delay your expense reimbursement.

📌 Expense module must be enabled first before a user can declare expense. 

In the Spenser app, tap on Settings to see the following menu:

My details and My accounting settings are most important when declaring expenses and more of each topic is explained below. 

Enter your personal details

The information you fill under My Details will be shown on your expense report and will help the accountant recognize who have send the expense report. Under My details, fill in the following details: Name, Email address, IBAN, Employee ID (optional), Credit card no. If you want to be reimbursed to your private bank account, please indicate your bank account no. under IBAN. If you want to be reimbursed to your credit card, please indicate the last 5 digits of card no under Credit card no. Without these details, this can cause a delay in processing your expense report.

My app settings

Under My app settings, you can choose your preferred language:

  • German

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

My accounting settings

Under My Accounting settings, the user can setup the general ledger code, cost center and project for each category if you have these details. If you do not have them, you can request it from the accountant or these fields can be left empty. This step is not mandatory for the user, however it provides faster processing for the accountant.

These settings only need to be setup once when you first install the app. For each expense claim submitted, these data are sent to Basecone and automated in the booking screen based on the category selected. Therefore it is important that the Spenser user fill in the correct ledger, cost centre and/or project in their Spenser app. 

📌 This data is saved per device and not on the user's settings. If you use a different device or re-install the app, these information needs to be re-entered in the app.


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About the app

On this menu, you can see the followings:

  • Which version of the app is installed on your device

  • Read the Privacy Statement

  • Read our License details

Log out

When you click on this, the app will prompt if you want to log out. Upon confirming, the app will log you out of the app.

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