Sometimes it is useful to change the order of documents in the booking screen. For example, when you want to first post the purchase invoice and then the sales invoices or when you want to post all invoices in a certain period first. The order of the documents can be changed using the validation overview. You can access this screen on the third icon of the left navigation menu or you can manually select this from the top right menu/account settings.

Step 1: Sort your documents

You can change the order of documents in the booking screen via the validation overview. You can sort the documents by clicking on one of the columns; status, tag, journal type, invoice date, period, invoice number, total, relation, account code. The order of the columns is then adjusted. 

Step 2: Go to the booking screen using Details

When the order of the documents are changed to your liking, you can click on details to be redirected to the booking screen. The order and the position of the documents you had changed in the validation overview is also saved in the booking screen.

More explanation about the validation overview and the possibilities can be found on this article: Validation overview and bulk-booking

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