What does the authorisation workflow mean?

If invoices needs to be approved by someone, this is function is called the authorisation workflow. You can authorise invoices before and / or after booking.
The difference between this is to approve an invoice before it can be booked into the accounting system, and / or approve an invoice after it is booked in the accounting system (this can also be blocked and then release it for payment).

If you always work with the same authoriser(s) after booking, then you can automate the authoriser(s) in Basecone so they can be pre-selected by default for booking. In this way, it is no longer needed to manually select them each time.

  • What do you need for this?

In order to set up the authorisation workflow, you first need to set up users with the role authoriser. For this you need to first create users with this user role 'authoriser'. Read here what the different roles in Basecone exactly mean. Then give the new user(s) access to the relevant company or companies.

  • Where can you set up the authorisation workflow?

Go to the workflow settings tab of a company settings. Click on the Settings-icon at the bottom of the icon-menu, then click on Company > click on the edit-icon under the column Action at the end of line of the relevant company and click on the workflow tab. Here you will find two sections:

1. Authorisation

Here you will find the two authorisation settings that you can configure as mandatory per company: Authorisation before booking and Authorisation after booking. By default the options are set to No. This can be changed to Yes and it will make the function as mandatory. Each invoice must then be authorised.

📌 The number of options differs per accounting system. Below are the settings for a company that is linked to Twinfield.

2. Authorisation flow

An authorisation flow is a predefined sequence of authorisors that you can use for your authorisation workflow in Basecone. This is new release and we have created an article that goes more in depth on this. More explanation about this can be found in article: Authorisation flow

3. Selected a default workflow

After you have created a predefined flow in point 2, you have the option to select a default workflow before and / or after booking. The selected default flow with the assigned authoriser(s) will be selected for that process.

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