In both the Flux and Spenser app, it is mandatory to set a one-time PIN code which you can use to log in to the app everytime you exit and/or enter the app.
This pin code consists of five digits and you set this up after you log in the first time with your Basecone username, password and office code. This is saved after confirming the PIN code.

When you exit the app or the app has been inactive for 1 minute, the app will automatically log the user out. Afterwards you can log in again with the pin code.

Forgot pincode

In the login screen, you can click on Forgot your PIN code?  The app will ask you for confirmation if you want to e logged out of the app, you can click on Yes. Then you will be logged out of the app and you can log in again with your credentials.
Then you can enter a new pincode for the app.

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