In the new Spenser update, it is even easier now to login to the Spenser app. We are happy to introduce the Face ID or Touch ID login. 

  • Face ID is only available for IOS users

  • Touch ID is available for both IOS and Android users

This function can be enabled or disabled in the Spenser app when you go to Settings - My app settings. Depending on the settings enabled on your mobile, the setting will appear here.

📌 This feature only works if this function is available on your mobile and activated in the settings of your mobile. 

Control this on your mobile settings if this is supported. If needed, refer to the manual of your mobile for any assistance.

Pincode login for Spenser and Flux

In both Flux and Spenser app, it is mandatory to set a one-time PIN code of 5 digits. This is setup after you login the first time with your Basecone username, password and office code. Upon confirming the pincode, it is saved on the app. This allows you to login faster each time without having to enter your full login details. 

When you exit the app or the app has been inactive for 1 minute, the app will automatically log the user out. Afterwards you can log in again with the pin code.

Forgotten or want to reset your pincode

In the login screen, click on Forgot your PIN code?  It will ask for confirmation, if you agree click on Yes to confirm this action. This will log you out of the app and you can login again with your credentials. Hereafter you can create a new pincode for the app.

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