Almost everyone is busy with the new privacy legislation AVG / GDPR.
From 25 May 2018 this legislation will officially be introduced.

The new legislation entails a number of responsibilities, both for Basecone and the SME Accountant / Accountant. Basecone strived to get ready for the new 'privacy era'.

Data Processing Agreement

Under the AVG it is mandatory that the responsible (SME Accountant / Accountant) and processor (Basecone) conclude a processor agreement. Click here to review the Data Processing Agreement and click here to digitally sign it.

Privacy Statement

Basecone handles personal data carefully and confidentially. The privacy statement explains how this information is used. More detail explanation about our privacy statement can be read online when you click here.

General Terms & Conditions

Our general terms & conditions can be found online when you click here.

If there are questions about the Data Processing Agreement, the Privacy Statement and / or the General Terms & Conditions, please send an e-mail to

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