If the company is using multiple journals of the same type (e.g. purchase journals), it will now also possible to book these journals via Basecone.

In short

  • You can set a default journal in the journal settings

  • If you want to book in a different journal other than the default selected journal, you can manually change and select another journal in the validation screen

Journal settings

Per company, you can set a default journal code for each journal. And this journal code will be selected as default for each booking.

You can find the journal settings in Basecone for each company by going to
Settings > Administration > Actions (edit) > Settings (tab).

  • Exact Online, Unit4 and AccountView

In the company's setting for the accounting system Exact, Unit4 and AccountView - when you click on the drop down arrow, you will see all the available purchase and sales journals that are available in the accounting system. These are automatically synchronized from the accounting system. When you set a default journal by type, this journal is used as the standard journal for all bookings.

If there are no purchase or sales journals in the accounting system, Basecone will not have the option to select a default journal.

  • Twinfield

For companies who has a Twinfield accounting system, it is not possible to set up another purchase, sales and memorandum journal. The journals that are shown in Basecone cannot be changed - in Twinfield it is not possible to create multiple journal for these journal types.

It is only possible to add an additional cash journal - however this is not synchronized from Twinfield. This will need to be manually created in Basecone. You can do this by entering the cash journal code and then clicking the plus button. After this, you will then be able to select a default journal.

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