When I click on the link in Twinfield, the invoice does not open in a new page.

It may be that the booking was not booked through Basecone. Control the transaction number in the archive of Basecone. Can you find the invoice there? Or it can be that the unique link to Basecone is not correctly set up in Twinfield. Control this in Twinfield in General – Company – Transaction Types – Purchase Invoices. See below.

Where is the magnifying glass icon to open the invoice?

If you are unable to open the invoice in Twinfield and you do not see the magnifying glass to open the invoice in Basecone. Then I would advise you to control the Transaction Types settings for example of Purchase invoices. In Twinfield, go to General – Company – Transaction Types – Purchase Invoices

Control the Document imaging settings of the journal:

For more information, see article: Settings to retrieve invoices in Twinfield

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