When you have invoices to be authorised after booking, you can find the documents in the “Authorisation” screen. You can manually select “Authorisation” on the top right menu or click on the eye-icon with a check mark on the left menu. When you are on the correct screen, the selected company name appears on the upper left corner and To authorise on top of the screen (see image below).

Select or change company

On the upper left side of the page via the drop-down ▼ menu, you can view the selected company. By clicking on the drop-down menu, it is possible to switch and select another company.

View document(s) pending for approval

You can click on the drop-down menu to switch from companies if this is applicable. Underneath the company name, you can click on one of the filter to provide you with a clear overview of the documents pending for authorisation:

  • Show all

  • To be authorised

  • On hold

An authoriser can perform one action per document:

  • Authorise
    Approve the document and it will be send to the next authoriser if applicable

  • Change Authoriser
    The authoriser can re-assign the document to another authoriser. Before this can be changed, a mandatory comment needs to be stated.
    - If the authoriser do not know who to assign the document to, he/she can put the invoice on-hold and put a comment and let the administrator take care of this

  • On Hold
    The authoriser can put a document On Hold if needed. When this action is taken, it is mandatory to add a comment so that the administrator can see why this action was taken. As long as a document has the status ‘On Hold’ no action can be taken other than removing it from the ‘On Hold’-status

  • Remove on hold (if the document is on hold)
    This option is visible when there are invoices placed on hold. When the status is removed, it is also mandatory to provide a comment. When the status is removed, all other actions can be taken again

  • Reject
    This action is used to reject a document. Before the document can be rejected, it is mandatory to add a comment. If there is another authoriser assigned to the document after, the authorisation process will stop here. The next authoriser will not see the document anymore for authorisation. The rejected document will be visible in the rejectbox and can only be managed by the administrator.

Tip: press the button Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple lines. Then you can easily authorise multiple invoice in one-go.

Tip: Sorting functions

The sorting functions are only available for after booking and on the online application. Columns that can be sorted will be shown with a sorting-icon. Click on the name of the columns to sort the documents. This is available for:

  • Tag label (PNV/SLS)

  • Journal type

  • Period

  • Invoice date

  • Due date

  • Relation

  • Total

  • Account code (ledger)

Add or remove columns

(view only the important information)

Click on the function "Column" on the top right to view, select and save columns you would like to see in the authorisation screen. The status, relation, total, account code columns are selected by default. It is possible to select more columns if needed. Click on "Column" to save the columns.

📌 The selected columns are saved on a browser level, not per user settings. This means that if you log in with the same user on the same computer and browser, the columns are saved. If you use another browser or log in to another computer, you will need to re-apply and save the columns.

Basecone Flux

If you are not able to login to the online application, you can download our mobile application: Flux app to authorise your invoices on-the-go. This is free to download and use for our "authoriser" users. You can see both of the authorisation process in the mobile app.

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