When documents are rejected in the authorisation after booking, then the documents will be assigned to the rejectbox. The rejectbox is not company related meaning that all rejected documents will be shown in this page. Only users with the rol Accountants and SME Accountant have access to this page. Users can only see documents in Rejectbox to companies they have access to. 

In this screen, you can view your documents in the following three ways:

  1. Show all (see all rejected documents

  2. Closed - these are documents that have the status as closed

  3. Open - view documents that are not dealt with yet or have the status closed

When you click on one of the lines, it will display the invoice on the right side of the page. The user can click on the comment-icon on the top of right of the page to add/or view the comments given to this invoice. 

Depending the reason for rejection provided in the comment by the authoriser, the Accountant/ SME Accountant can decide which action should be taken on this invoice (e.g. request for credit invoice). When the appropriate action is taken, the user can put the status of the document on ‘Closed’ by clicking the 'Marked as done’ button and then a check sign ✔ will appear in the column ‘status’. When this action is taken, this can’t be reversed and no further action can be taken on this booking.

In the archive nothing will change to the status of the document and will remain as “Rejected after booking”.

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