It is often useful to add comments to a document. If you want to add or read comments when tagging documents, or authorising and posting invoices, this is always done in the same way.

Add comment in the home-screen

First select a document and then the option to add comment will appear on the top right screen under the menu settings. You can type in your comments here and click on Add. The comments from various users is stored and displayed in sequence.

📌 After an invoice is booked and/or authorised for after booking, it will not possible to add a comment to a document anymore.

Read comment

If comments are added to a document or invoice, the icon of the Comment function will appear blue. You know that a message is added to the document that may be important. You can click on the comment function to open and read the comments.

Comments send by email

Senders who delivers invoices by e-mail can also include a comment without logging into Basecone. If done properly, the message will automatically be inserted to the document in comment function. See article for instruction: Deliver documents by email

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