When documents are uploaded into Basecone, users with the role (restricted) client user can give each document a tag label. A tag indicates whether a document is a purchase invoice, sales invoice, or another type of document. Some tag labels might not be available for selection based on the connected accounting system.

In this article, you will find the following information:

The available tags in the home-screen

  • PNV – Purchase Invoice – Recognise and book a purchase invoice

  • SLS – Sales Invoice – Recognise and book a sales invoice

  • CASH – Booking a cash receipts. More information can be found here.

  • BANK – Electronic bank statements. More information can be found here.

  • JNL – Journal – Documents are processed as journal. More details can be found here.

  • CUST – Custom – Documents to which your own customised Tag must be assigned (Settings – Companies). Custom documents are not processed in Basecone, but will be stored in your online archive.

Certain tags may not be available depending on the type of accounting system used.

How to tag a document with no authoriser

First select a document and then the tag menu will appear on the top bar. Select a tag such as PNV for purchase and then click directly on the Confirm button on the right side. After the tag is confirmed, the document is send to the recognition software and the document is returned for booking.

Tag multiple documents

When you select each triangle at the bottom right, it gets a blue color. This means that the document is selected. With this method, you can quickly tag documents with the same tag. I do not recommend to use this method if you make use of authorisation before booking to avoid documents to be submitted for (again) authorisation.

If you are using the authorisation before tagging, I recommend see article "Tagging documents with an authoriser" for more explanation.

How to tag a document with Cost Center and/or Project

Selecting a cost center and/or project is optional. A user can choose a cost center and/or project during the tagging process for this to be available in the booking screen. If an incorrect cost center and/or project is selected, this can be manually changed in the booking screen by the user who will book the invoice.

📌 If the cost center and/or project is available in the  accounting system, this will also be available in Basecone for tagging and booking.

The option to select an authoriser is still available when selecting a cost center and/or project.

Workflow settings

If the setting is enabled for mandatory before booking, all invoices will need to be assigned to an authoriser before you can confirm the tag. This setting can be enabled or disabled per company. When the settings is disabled in the workflow settings of the company in Basecone, you can still assign authoriser(s) to the invoice(s) as optional. This is handy if you do not want to all invoice(s) to be assigned for authorisation. More information about the workflow settings can be found in article: Overview of the authorisation in Basecone

How to tag a document with an authoriser

When a company has one or more authoriser(s), the (restricted) client user can select the authoriser(s) during the tagging process. It is also possible to select a cost center and/or project during the tagging process. 

In the section 'Select flow' in point number 3, you can either select a predefined flow or you can manually select up to three authoriser(s) and then click on confirm on point number 4.

📌 It is advisable to tag the invoice(s) one by one when you tag invoice(s) with an authoriser. If the authoriser rejects the invoice, it will be send back to the flow where the documents are ready for tagging again. When the invoice is rejected, a comment is entered and the comment box will be shown in blue.

How to remove an incorrect tag label

When you have accidentally tag the document(s) with the incorrect tag label such as sales instead of purchase, you can easily remove the tag by rejecting the document in the booking screen. After the tag label is removed, the document will go back to the home-screen as 'to be tagged'. Then you can re-tag the invoice again to the correct label. For more information, see article: How do I remove or change a tag label?

How to move a document to another company

If you delivered a document to the incorrect company, you can easily move the document to the correct company. Select the documents you want to move and click on change-icon next to the purchase tag label. Then select the company to which you want to move your documents to. The documents will instantly disappear from the current company and appear in the selected company.

How to filter documents and invoices

Depending on your user role in Basecone, you can view only documents and invoices you want to manage. For example if you want to view only the invoices and documents that still need to tag, you can select the first filter.

You can select and sort your documents as follows:

  • 1st filter: Show to be tagged documents

  • 2nd filter: Show to be authorised documents (this filter is for authorisers)

  • 3rd filter: Show to be booked documents

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