If the selected journal account type is different than the standard journal from Exact Online, you can adjust this in the company settings in Basecone.

Adjust this in Basecone at Settings companiesactions (edit)tab settings.

You will see the following settings screen:

When there's different journal types available for this company, you can change and select the default purchase/sales account on this page.

When other journal types are not available for selection, control the followings:

How to select another journal type in the booking screen

The booking screen displays the default journal selected in the journal settings. When you want to book in another journal, you can select (if available) another journal in the booking screen. The invoice will then be booked in the selected journal.
(If you are not able to change the journal and is grayed out, this is because there is only one journal type. You will see this between the tag given and the comment box).

📌 Important note
The journal displayed in the booking screen is selected at the time of tagging. If the default journal is changed after the document was tagged, this change is not applied and will need to be manually adjusted in the booking screen. When tagging new invoices, it will automatically assign it to the "new" default purchase/sales journal type.

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