When is a user visible?

You can only see a user in the user's list if you both have access to the same company. When a user do not have access to any company, this user will become hidden in Basecone. 

What causes a user to become invisible?

There are several reasons why a user goes hidden. If one of the below action was taken, the user will become hidden in Basecone:

  • The company the user had access to was deleted in Basecone
  • The company was migrated/transferred to another Basecone environment
  • The company was removed from the user's setting by another user
  • The user removed the company's access from their own user settings
  • Or something went wrong when creating the user

Steps to retrieve a hidden user

  • Log in as Super user (or ask a Super user for help)
  • Go to Settings - Company - Action (edit)
  • Go to tab Users
  • Type in the username or email to find the user
  • Control the Access status of the user
  • Click on No to change the access status to Yes
  • Control if the user is visible in the user's list (Settings - Users)

📌 You can also use these steps to control if a user is completely deleted in Basecone. Only the Basecone Superuser have the option to delete a user.
See article: How can I delete a user in Basecone?

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