We can transfer a company to another Basecone environment, which is called a migration. The entire archive of a company will also be transferred and remain active after the migration. We can restore the link with the accounting system which allows you to book again from the company.

Please read below for important information before requesting a migration:

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  • Transferring documents to the new office

We can move a company from one Basecone environment to another Basecone environment. After the migration, the company will be migrated to a new office code.

After the migration is completed, we are only able to transfer the documents of a company. We are not able to transfer the users accounts to the new company. A new user account will need to be created for the users in the new office environment.

Some users have their own built-in archive: user(s) with the authoriser role will only see the documents that he/she needs to authorize in the archive. And user(s) with the role of restricted client user only sees documents that he/she has uploaded in the archive. After the migration is completed, these users will not have access to their "old" documents anymore and will loose all information in their built-in archive.

  • The Bascone e-mail address will be changed

If a company is transferred to another Basecone office environment, then the officecode will also change. It may also be that the companycode of a company will change in the accounting system.

Due to the change of the officecode (and companycode), the Basecone e-mail address may also change. The e-mail address is structured as follows:

  • Do not add the company yourself

The Basecone database administrator will transfer the old office environment to the new office environment. We cannot merge any company together, we are only able to transfer them. Please do not attempt to add the company in the new office environment.

  • Move multiple companies

It is possible to move multiple companies at the same time, in one migration. The above points apply to all companies.  Additional fees will not be charged when multiples companies are migrated, there will be only one fee. Please make sure that all information are clear when requesting for a migration.

Preparation for the migration

Before we can perform a migration successfully, we need to prepare a number of things. The following questions can help us with this.

  • Will the company in the accounting system also be moved?

If there is a transfer of the company in the accounting system, this needs to be transferred first in the accounting system before the migration can take place in Basecone.

When migrating the company in Basecone, the accounting system link will be restored which will allow you to book again.

  • Will the companycode change?

If there is a change in the companycode, then it is important to provide the old and new codes to our support team. The companycodes will not change automatically in Basecone. We can change this so that the new companycode is in Basecone and the synchronization will be successful.

  • Are you using the authorization module?

If a company uses the authorization module, all documents needs to be rejected or approved before migration. If this is not done, then the Authorisers assigned to the documents can not be removed (later). We can only transfer the documents, but not the users. 

  • Are the inactive users removed in the old environment?

Inactive users who do not need to be created in the new environment can be deleted in the old environment. We recommend to remove these users before the migration takes place.

  • Has the accounting system been added to the new environment?

If the new accounting system has not been add to Basecone yet, this will need to be first be created. We must be able to link a company to an accounting system. This accounting system must be added to Basecone at office settings if you go to Settings > Office > Accounting System and click on the blue icon Add accounting system.

  • Does the former accountant agree?

We would like to receive an agreement from the administrator of the old environment that the company or companies are allowed to be transferred. The agreement may be given by e-mail under the name of the company by someone who is authorized to agree.

Request form, cost and processing time

In addition to the a signed request form, we would also like to receive an agreement from the former accountant to perform the migration. You can send this request form to support@basecone.com.

The migration fee is GBP 75 (excluding VAT). This is the total amount for the entire migration, so you do not pay 75 GBP per company.

Please take into account a processing time of up to 10 business days when all information are received.

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