When a companycode is changed in the accounting system, this will also need to be changed in Basecone. If this is not changed, the synchronization between Basecone and the accounting system will remain disconnected. 

Only the Superuser of the Basecone office is allowed to change this, see our article: Change of company connection

When the companycode is changed, all history in the archive of the company will remain in Basecone. No information will be lost, only the companycode is changed.

Things to bare in mind before changing the companycode

  • The unique e-mail address will be changed

When the companycode is changed, the unique Basecone e-mail address will also be changed. The e-mail address is structured as follows:

  • Do not add the company

Do not add the new company in Basecone. We cannot merge any company together. If you have add the company, please delete this.

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