The Spenser app is ideal when you are on the road and want to quickly take a picture of a receipt / invoice and send it to your company in Basecone. This allows the accountant to process the receipts / invoices directly. This app is developed for users who has a login account with Basecone and has one of the user role Client or Restricted Client User. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. The Spenser app has two modules: invoice and expense. 

Invoice module

The invoice module allows you to send receipts and invoices from anywhere and anytime to your company in Basecone. This module is free of charge for all users who has a login account with Basecone. The invoice module is intended for users to submit their receipts / invoices that are paid by the company's business card and / or have to be paid from the business account.

For more information how to send receipts /invoices using Spenser, click here.

Expense module

The expense module is created for users to easily create expense reports. It is a module where the claimant can gather all receipts and invoices that are paid with the business credit card and / or is paid by you or one of your employees. This setting is by default disabled. If the user would like to create expense reports using the Spenser app, this will need to be activated in the user settings by an Accountant or Supseruser. Click here for more information on how you can enable this setting.

How the expense module can be used:

  • This module is ideal for you and / or your employees to submit expense claims. Different receipts can be submitted as a single expense report. You can use the app to automatically indicate who the claimant is. The app can also include relevant information (such as the IBAN number) for efficient processing.
    In short: a solution that gives your employees the opportunity to declare their expenses anytime and anywhere (no more hassle with scanners, Excel forms, etc.). This will also give you and / or your bookkeeper the possibility to organize the expense process in a structured and efficient manner since the expenses are immediately posted to the correct general ledger account, project code and / or cost center. This can be correctly posted when this is set up by the user on the mobile app. Click here for more information on how the user can set this up.
  • The module offers the entrepreneur the possibility to have his/her receipts delivered in a structured manner. This way you can easily keep track whether the receipts have been paid by a private account, business credit card or business card. The Spenser expense module helps you to easily manage the inflow of receipts so that you have a clear view how it was paid or needs to be paid. 

Tip: If you deliver the receipts that have been paid with the business credit card every month via the Spenser invoice module, you can easily process this in Basecone.

Other important information:

  • Mobile system requirements to user our app, click here.
  • Other available methods to deliver documents to Basecone, click here
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