Prior to submitting your expenses to Basecone, it is important to set up a couple of settings first before you submitting your report such as your Name, Email address, Bank or Credit Card details.

When you are logged into the Spenser app, click on the settings button at the bottom right of the Home Screen. Here you can access your personal settings. Before you begin declaring your expense, fill in as much details as possible.

  • Enter your personal information

Click on My Details to fill in your personal information. The information entered here will be shown on your expense report. In this way, the accountant can control who submitted the expense report and can easily process your report.

  • My App settings

In this setting, you can choose your preferred language:
        --- German
        --- English
        --- Dutch
        --- French

  • My accounting settings

When you click on Accounting details, you can choose to set up the booking details for the different categories. You can add a general ledger account, cost center and project for each category.
📌 If you do not have these information, you can request this from your accountant or you can leave these fields empty and let the accountant fill this during booking.

The accounting settings only need to be setup one-time when you first install the app. For each category, you can save the ledger account, cost center and project. For each expense claim you submit, these data are sent to Basecone and automatically filled in the booking screen based on the category selected. Therefore it is important that the Spenser user fill in the correct ledger, cost centre and/or project in their Spenser app.

📌 This data is saved per device and not on the user's settings. If you use a different mobile or re-install the app, these information may need to re-entered in the app.

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