As of the 1st of April 2019, there will be a new version of the Spenser app. Changes to the app will make it more efficient for our users. Keep on reading to see what changes will be made.

This article will guide you how you can use Spenser to upload invoices to Basecone. Here you can read more about the different possibilities of Spenser.

Below are the quick steps on how to upload an invoice:

  1. Open the Spenser app
  2. Enter your login credentials or enter pincode
  3. Select a company
  4. Click on the plus icon to insert an image to the app
  5. Click on the line to select the item in the pending screen
  6. Enter the item details
  7. Click on Done to send or save the item

Below we will go more into details of each step.

Log in and select a company

When the Spenser is opened, it will ask you to enter your login credentials or pincode. These are the normal login details of your Basecone account and press 'Log in'.
After logging in to the app, you can see the selected the company on top of the list. The selected company is where your invoice will be uploaded to. If you have access to multiple companies, you can click on the name of the company to select another company. Ensure the correct company is selected in this first step, it is not possible to change it on a later step.

Take a photo or upload an image from your mobile

Click on the ➕ plus icon at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or select an image saved on your mobile. It is only possible to select an image file.

If the quality of the image is poor, you can click on Retake to take another photo. If you wish to use the image, click on Use selection. Then you will have the option to choose between One item or Multiple items. More information about the camera functionality can be found in this article: Camera feature Spenser

Manage and enter the item details 

After the image is selected, it will redirect you to the Pending screen with the status Unassigned (bottom left image). Click on one of the line to manage the item.

On the Item details screen (top right), you can edit the following fields if needed:

Description - The default filename is item date and time (change if needed)
Payment method - Choose business payment
Company - the selected company (cannot be changed)
Tag - choose a tag (optional)
Comment - Add an important message (optional)
User must have the user role: (restricted) client user for the message to be sent

Click on Preview at the bottom left to review the the select image.

Save or send the invoices

After all details are entered of the selected item, click on Done on the bottom right of the screen. This will give you two options: Send now or Save now and send later

  • If you choose Send now, the image will be sent to Basecone and the archive will be opened. In the archive of the app, you can only see the last 25 files sent via Spenser to Basecone. 
  • If you choose Save and send later, the document will be saved the
    Pending - Assigned status
    . You can then adjust the information entered and / or send the document to Basecone on a later time.

📌 Handy tips

  • Special characters are NOT allowed in the description field such as slash "/" 
  • If you want to delete a picture because the photo was taken of bad quality, you can swipe the document to the left 🡄 in the In the Pending - Unassigned screen. When swiping to the right 🡆 the document, the document is send to Basecone in the In the Pending - Assigned screen
  •  If you only send a purchase invoice using Spenser, you can set a default tag purchase tag so this do not need to be select anymore. This can be changed in the app when you go to Settings - My accounting settings - Tag.
  • When the document is ready, we would like to advise you to send the document right away to Basecone. Then it can be processed immediately by the accountant and it prevents future actions or extra clicks in Spenser.
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