The Basecone Spenser app has two modules, namely Invoice and Expense.

In this article you can read more of the difference between the two modules. Before a claimant can use the declaration module in the app, this function must first be enabled in the user settings in the web application. You can read more about this in this article.

If you decide to use the Basecone Spenser app for your office environment, then it is desirable to inform (future) users about this. In this way, you can easily help the user(s)  so that they can start in using the Basecone Spenser app.

Instructions for new users to use the declaration module 

To help the users with the declaration module, we have made two documents for you. Together it forms an instruction that you can send to the (future) users on how to setup the declaration module in the app.

Here you will find an e-mail template that you can send to the future users and an Excel file. In the Excel file you can add the general ledger accounts, cost centers and projects that the users can enter in the Basecone Spenser app. If users follow these instructions, this will improve the recognition of the document in the booking screen.

User manual

To help the users to use the declaration module in the Basecone Spenser app, we have an online manual to help users how to use the app: Declare your expenses in Spenser

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