In the Basecone web application, documents that require attention are assigned for authorisation. Authoriser(s) can review and approve these documents with just a single swipe using the mobile Basecone Flux app. Swipe right to approve a document or swipe left to reject it. A document can be placed on hold and user(s) can also add a remark if needed.

Basecone Flux app is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Log in to to the app

When you open the app for the very first time, it will ask for your login details. After you enter your login details, you will be prompt to set up a 5 digit pincode. Click here for more information.

Flux Settings

In the home-screen of the Flux app, you will find the Settings menu on the upper left corner with the three stripes. Here you have four options:

  • Dashboard: when you navigate through the other settings, you can click on the dashboard to bring back to the home screen.
  • Settings: you can set the language and send a message to our Support team. You can also see your previous conversations with Support.
  • About the app: you can view the version of the app and read the privacy policy
  • Log Out: you can log your user out of the app.

Dashboard: number of documents to authorise

In the home screen, the number in the circle indicates how many documents are awaiting to be authorised for the selected company (see image below on the left).
To view the documents, tap on the circle. If you have access to multiple companies, you can switch between them by tapping the grey button at the bottom: switch.

After you tap on the circle in the home screen, it will take you to the Authorisation Overview. Here you’ll find an overview of all the documents waiting to be authorised. By selecting one of the three filteabove, you can view one of the followings: 

  • Show all to view all documents
  • To authorise to view documents that needs to be authorised and 
  • On hold to view documents that have the status on hold.

Recognize the authorisation flow of an invoice

If the authorisation is before or after booking, this can be easily recognized in the Flux app. Using the example from the image below, you can easily recognize the difference (see image above on the right):

  • Point 1
    - document requires authorisation before booking (review invoice only)
  • Point 2
    - document requires authorisation after booking
    - authoriser has the option to view the booking details (see below)
  • Point 3
    - this document is not approved and has the status on hold

View document details for after booking

When you are looking at the invoice, you can double-tap on the screen to zoom in the invoice and view the details of an invoice. When you open the booking details, you can view the tag, the transaction date, due date, supplier, the invoice number, the total amount and the invoice description of an invoice. You can view these information by tapping on the menu button on the bottom right corner of the screen to view the document details. This screen is split between the Header and Lines (see below). 

View or add a comment to an invoice

When you tap on the the grey comment-icon on the bottom left corner, you can view comments from other authoriser(s) or you can add a comment yourself to the invoice.

Approve, reject, on hold or skip the invoice

Tap on a document in the authorisation overview to view the invoice. For each invoice, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Swipe right 🡆 to approve the invoice right away
  • Swipe left 🡄 to reject the invoice and indicate the reason why this action is taken
  • Swipe up 🡅 to put the invoice on hold if you cannot make a decision right away
  • Swipe down 🡇 to skip and review the next invoice 

View the authorser(s) assigned to the invoice

By tapping on the eye-icon on the top right corner, you can see the authorisers that are assigned to the invoice and view the authorisation workflow of the invoice;
before and / or after booking

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