In Exact Online you have the option to manually adjust the upcoming 9% VAT rule to the VAT-low codes. If you have not create this yet, then Exact Online will add an extra line with 9% for all invoices with an invoice date from 1/1/2019.

Basecone is ready to support this extra VAT rule, even if you have process 6% VAT invoices in the upcoming new year.

­čôîAn update will be releases on the 20th of December 2018 at 23.00 CET.

What should I do now?

In this case, you do not have to do anything. Exact Online will add an addition of the 9% VAT rules in Exact Online. And Basecone will choose the correct VAT percentage based on the invoice date selected in the booking screen.

What happens if I already applied the VAT adjustments in
Exact Online before the release date?

Invoices with 6% VAT can be booked without any errors this year, even though the extra 9% VAT rule has been adjusted in the VAT layer codes. With the release on the 20th of  December 2018, we ensure that there is no impact when processing invoices with 6% VAT after 1 January 2019.

How can I book invoices with 9% VAT before December 20?

If you have any invoices to be booked with 9% VAT, you can manually adjust the amounts in the booking screen. Click on the lock (see image below) to open the lock so that you can manually adjust the amounts. Do not close the lock and then click on book to process the invoice to Exact Online with the correct amounts.

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