When you go to the settings of a user in tab 'accounting system user', you can link your Basecone user to the accounting system.

Keep in mind the following points:

  1. Basecone automatically retrieves the available users in your accounting system. Users should have sufficient rights in the accounting system to be able to book and mutate files. Basecone only retrieves users with equal or lesser roles than the user that you have chose as the synchronisation user.
  2. For each Basecone that needs to book invoices, you can link it to an accounting system user that will need to book invoices from Basecone.
  3. Users who only submits documents, manage Basecone or an authoriser, do not need to be linked to an accounting system user
  4. set the password of the user. This is the password that belongs to the user from the accounting system, or let the user set it up themselves. If you as an administrator (with the role Super User) do not want to set the password of your users, you can skip this step. Any user who goes to the booking screen in Basecone, a warning message will appear to ask the user to enter their password for the accounting system first.
  5. Check that the username and password are correct in the accounting system.

📌 Employees of Basecone do not have access to the user's and also not able to see any passwords!

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